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Deeping St James Parish Council


Deeping St James Parish Council require

15 Councillors to serve for the next 4 years

If you want to become a Parish Councillor then now is the time to act. In May this year all councillors will go to the polls.

So if you want to become a councillor, apply to the Parish Clerk for application forms.

For an application form contact the Parish Clerk, Julie, on 01778 343266 or email

The Institute, 38 Church Street, Deeping St James, Peterborough PE6 8HD E-mail: Tel: 01778 343266

Making a Difference award

Every year there are people in your Community that do a lot of work for YOU. They don't get paid, it's in their own time, and it's for the good of YOU, the parishioners..
  • All the Information you need to decide is here (You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to read this file, available here by free download)
  • This is the form for your nomination

    Please return form to The Parish Clerk at the Institute, see above for info.

  • Working for the community

    There are fifteen members (see your councillors (please be patient to load pictures) pictures ) of the Parish Council who represent the people of Deeping St James, supported by a Parish Clerk and Assistant. The council meets monthly at The Institute, Church Street, Deeping St James PE6 8HD..
    • Latest Agenda (You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to read this file, available here by free download)
    • Minutes of past meetings

      The Annual Parish meeting will be held on May 19th May 2015 at The Deeping School Conference Centre at 7:30pm and the agenda can soon be found here.

    • Agenda for next meeting

    DSJ Parish Contacts.

    Julie Fortnum (picture on right) is the Clerk to the council

    Candace Brent (picture on right below Julie) is the Assistant Clerk to the council

    The opening hours for visitors are Monday - Friday 10:00 - 12:00

    The telephone number of the Clerk's office is (+44 1778) 343266,

    The Clerk's Email Address

    The Internet Address for Deeping St James Parish Council -----

    Each meeting begins at 7.30pm with an open forum in which of the public may speak. Once the council session itself begins, parishioners and others are welcome to stay and listen. The May meeting each year is the Annual Meeting at which officers and committees are elected.

    Freedom of Information

    Deeping St James Parish Council acknowledges the duty placed upon it by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to adopt and maintain a Publication Scheme, and has resolved to adopt the Model Publication Scheme for Local Councils; core classes and core information within those classes, and to apply a scale of charges in respect of detailed searches by the Parish Clerk and/or the production of copies of the information contained in the Scheme.

    A copy of the Publication Scheme, including details of the charges to be applied, can be obtained:

    1. Upon written request to the Parish Clerk at the above address.
    2. From the Parish Councilís website at will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to read this file, available here by free download)

    Please note that in most circumstances information can be inspected free of charge but it should be noted that a detailed search of records needing the assistance of the Parish Clerk will be subject to a charge of £12 per hour or part of, charged to the nearest five minutes, and will require 20 days written notice in order to meet the specific request. Photocopying charges, where copies are required, will be charged at 10p per A4 copy. Further information on the scale of charges can be found in the Publication Scheme.

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    (You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to read some of these files, available here by free download)

    The Parish Clerk,
    Parish clerk
    The Webmaster, Cllr Brian Barber

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    Most recent revision 10th March 2015